Songwriting & Production

Håkan Lundberg

In the studio, he always seems to be thinking of what comes next. And if the music is a part of that equation, Håkan Lundberg, is focused not only of those thoughts and its melody, but how it makes the artist look and sound, like a star.

A former artist in his own right as the anchor of the internationally acclaimed soul/pop group S-Connection, his instinctive writing and production chops are an extension of his past career.

Beginning as a session keyboardist for acclaimed DMC World Champion DJ Sanny X, he spent extensive time in the UK working with various artists in England before coming back to Gothenburg, Sweden.

His studio in Gothenburg has become an international landing strip for writers from around the globe to collaborate with Håkan.

Anchoring the likes of pop clubbers of Japanese darlings Love & Devotion and Canadians Blushed, he is no stranger to global pop. Nashville's Randy Goodrum and Tony Marty, the legendary Nicky Chinn, Brits Lee Bennett and Simon Perry and domestic rocker Brolle Jr. are just a few of the collaborators, with cuts ranging from Canada's Blushed to the stars of Operation Triunfo, Spain's version of the international Popstars franchise.

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